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Hawaii Kai OAHU

Median Income$112,062
Median Home Value$975,000
Median Rent$3,495

About Schools in Hawaii Kai

There are multiple public schools, including:

  • Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Elementary & Intermediate School
  • Waimalu Elementary School
  • Noelani Elementary School
  • Henry J. Kaiser High School 

The closest private school is Saint Andrews School.

About Shopping in Hawaii Kai

  • The neighborhood Hawaii Kai centers around Kahala Mall and Koko Marina Shopping Center.
  • There are also three major strip centers that offer everything from Walgreens to Safeway to Long’s Drugs.
  • Also, you will find all of the big box stores, such as Ross, Costco and City Mill, at the Hawaii Kai Towne Center. 

Hawaii Kai | Extras

  • Although there are a number of hospitals in Honolulu, medical care is easy to find in Hawaii Kai through the Straub Clinic, Queen’s Clinic, and Kaiser Clinic.
  • A large number of Hawaiian monk seals call Hawaii Kai home; in fact it’s one of only two spots on Oahu where they live year-round. As such Hawaii Kai is one of only three protected monk seal habitat areas in all of Hawaii.
  • The Maunalua Bay Beach Park is located in Hawaii Kai.
  • There are two major beaches nearby: Lanikai Beach and Ka’ena Point Beach. While both are gorgeous, Ka’ena Point Beach is especially so.
  • The Maunalua Bay Beach Park is also located in Hawaii Kai.
  • Aside from beaches, there are a number of bays to explore along Hawaii Kai. Sunset Bay Beach Park features some of these bays on its shores. 
  • A truly fabulous, picturesque location is China Walls Beach Park, which once was a thriving whaling village in Hawaii Kai. Today it has become one of Oahu’s most popular sites for tourists. You can take in breathtaking views of Diamond Head and Koko Head as well as watch kite surfers on fine days. You will also see plenty of locals playing volleyball or just hanging out with their families.
  • The big draw of Hawaii Kai is Hanauma Bay. Located next to a nature preserve on the southern most tip of Hawaii Kai, about 400 species of fish are known to inhabit the bay, which is also known for its abundance of Green sea turtles. The bay is a nursery ground for the immature turtles and is also known for its abundance of parrotfish. It was created by nature and further “enhanced” by dynamite to clear the reef for telephone cables. 
  • One of Hawaii Kai’s best kept secrets is nearby Koko Crater Botanical Garden. This lush 15-acre garden boasts beautiful views and a wide variety of plants, flowers and trees—many of which are native to Hawaii. 

About Real Estate in Hawaii Kai