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Kaanapali MAUI

Median Income$76,509
Median Home Value$1,047,000
Median Rent $1,432

About Schools in Kaanapali

  • Kaanapali Charter School and Kapalua Elementary School serve students in grades K–5.
  • Intermediate students attend Kaanapali Middle School.
  • Kaanapali High School serves students in grades 6–12.
  • Post-secondary education options include:
    • Brigham Young University–Hawaii campus
    • Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
    • Leeward Community College
    • Sushi Chef Institute at Hyatt Regency Maui

About Shopping in Kaanapali

  • Whaler’s Village is an upscale shopping center that provides high-end shopping experiences and outstanding restaurants within view of the ocean. It’s a great destination for those who enjoy a happening nightlife and snazzy places to eat great food with an Hawaiian twist.
  • There are lots of grocery stores in Kaanapali that have a selection of food and produce. Not all of them are open every day so it’s best to plan your shopping.
  • Most places also carry common household items such as paper products and laundry detergent but if you need more specialized items you’ll have to visit a big box retailer like Costco, Safeway Sam’s Club, Target or Walmart.

Kaanapali | Extras

  • Shuttles in Kaanapali make it super easy to get around, even to Lahaina.
  • For golf enthusiasts, there is Ka’anapali Kai Golf Course and Royal Ka’anapali Golf Course.
  • Kaanapali’s famous beach, Kaanapali Beach, was once the retreat for Maui’s royalty. With three miles of beautiful white sand and clear water, today it is the favored getaway for tourists and residents who love to sunbath, swim, and snorkel. It’s also treasured as a place where the winter humpback whales can be observed.
  • One of Kaanapali Beach’s truly famous attractions is a daily cliff diving ceremony off the beach’s Black Rock. Every evening at sunset, a cliff diver lights torches along the cliff and then dives into the ocean. The event is a reenactment of a feat by Maui’s revered King Kahekili.

About Real Estate in Kaanapali