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Kailua OAHU

Median Income468,000
Median Home Value$912,000
Median Rent$2,100

About Schools in Kailua

  • There are a number of public and private schools in Kailua. For public elementary there is: Enchanted Lake Elementary, Kaelepulu Elementary, Keolu Elementary, Kailua Elementary, and Mokapu Elementary, which is the largest.
  • For middle school, there’s Kailua Intermediate.
  • The town includes two high schools, Kailua High School and Kalaheo High.
  • In addition, there are quite a few private schools in Kailua, including Huakailani School.

About Shopping in Kailua

Kailua offers everything needed in the way of shopping, services, and food.

  • There’s a wonderful open-air shopping center, Ali’i Gardens Marketplace, with plenty of stalls and kiosks offering arts, crafts, and produce.
  • Lanihau Center has dining options, as well as shopping.
  • There’s even a small shopping center with an attached movie theater, Makalapua Shopping Center.
  • The Main Street of “old Downtown Kailua-Kona” allows small business owners to set up shop.

Kailua | Extras

  • Kailua Beach Park is one of Kailua’s many must-see attractions. Here, you can experience stunning views of Diamond Head and enjoy relaxing days on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach. In addition to natural beauty and stunning ocean views, there are picnic tables for dining al fresco with an ocean view.
  • The ocean around Kailua includes one of two major windsurfing venues for Hawaii, Kailua Bay. It’s ideal for beginner windsurfers who want to experience exciting rides across water in a very safe area. Kailua’s sheltered nature makes it even more ideal for novices who don’t want to face unforgiving ocean waves.
  • Kailua is a popular destination for golfers looking to play some of Hawaii’s finest golf courses. Golfers can choose from many great courses, including Ko Olina Golf Club, Turtle Bay Resort, Ko ‘Olina Golf Club and O’o Farm Golf Course. Kailua also has two major public courses as well, Wai‘anae and Makaha Valley Country Club.
  • Kailua is host to a variety of different community events year-round. The most notable among them are Nalo Farms Labor Day Family BBQ, and Christmas in July, when thousands of residents come together at Honolii Beach Park to enjoy traditional Hawaiian music with contemporary flare, poetry readings and canoe rides followed by a fireworks show at nightfall.
  • Then there is the Kona Ice Polar Plunge, which is an annual fundraising event put on by Kona Ice to raise money for Special Olympics. These events often serve as a way for locals to showcase their talents and share with one another — which helps keep community spirit alive.
  • Delicious eating out spots abound in Kailua, many of which are casual and family-friendly. What’s great about Kailua is that you can find almost any type of food here from local to Italian. Whether you’re looking for a plate lunch from Timmy T’s Gourmet Grinders or Kono’s, or a gourmet dining experience at Uahi Island Grill, there are many options to choose from.

About Real Estate in Kailua

Some very glamorous homes with spacious, well-groomed lawns in exclusive beachside communities can be found in Kailua, either facing the beach or just a short walk away, where views of Mokulau Islands are simply unforgettable. A few neighborhoods feature underground utilities, which gives them a less cluttered look, and several neighborhoods border a canal.

Many homes are older and may need some TLC, but with a little work they could make great starter homes. There are also older condos that could be perfect for singles or retirees looking for something affordable that’s close to town amenities.

More expansive tracts and homes can be found in the Kalama Tract neighborhood. Kailua Bluffs is a gorgeous neighborhood with underground utilities; though further from the ocean, the homes sit a bit higher, so the view is excellent. Enchanted Lake is a well-known neighborhood built around a small, freshwater lake.

Residents are a mix of locals who have lived there for years, as well as some wealthy newcomers, a few of which are famous celebrities.