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Kaneohe OAHU

Median Income$110,804
Median Home Value$770,700
Median Rent$1,834

About Schools in Kaneohe

  • The Kaneohe public school system is a small district within Honolulu County that serves almost 5,000 students in four elementary schools and two middle schools on two campuses.
  • The high school serves approximately 1,400 students on one campus as well as an online program. It’s been a K-12 school since 2015 and was recognized with an award for outstanding academic improvement by Hawaii Business Magazine in 2017-2018.
  • Also located in Kaneohe is Windward Community College.

About Shopping in Kaneohe

The Kamehameha Highway runs through the town’s commercial center, where there are several restaurants and Windward Mall, an indoor shopping complex with over a hundred stores and a weekend farmers market.

Kaneohe | Extras

  • The town is popular with golf enthusiasts who enjoy three different courses. Ko’olau Golf Club is considered the one of the nation’s most challenging courses.
  • Kaneohe Bay is a beautiful beach area popular with boaters, that is full of crystal clear water. It’s a relaxing beach with many good places to eat or shop in close proximity. Kaneohe Bay is made up of two distinct areas: Kailua Beach (the northern section) and Lanikai Beach (the southern section). While they’re separated by a cliff side and each has its own personality, they share much of what makes them special—especially when you think about both beaches’ access to green vistas and coral reef sights. Just so you know, the bay is a breeding ground for hammerhead sharks.
  • The Kaneohe Sandbar is the only one of its kind in Hawaii. At low tide, the gorgeous stretch of sand is exposed and makes for an awesome place to lounge, picnic, toss a Frisbee or play volleyball. When the tide comes in, the shallows on the sandbar are ideal for snorkeling.
  • Other fabulous places to visit include Kuhio Beach Park, Kawailoa Bay Beach Park, and Maunawili Falls. These are all amazing spots to enjoy some fun in nature. Kawailoa is a great place for swimming or snorkeling; Maunawili is also known for its waterfall; and Kuhio beach has been named one of Hawaii’s best beaches because it’s perfect for sunbathing and picnicking with friends..
  • The Hoomaluhia Botantical Garden is a popular attraction in Kaneohe. Built by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for flood protection, the garden includes an incredible array of tropical flora that can be enjoyed through nature walks winding past a scenic lake, streams, and meadows. The garden offers guided tours and special events. Even camping is allowed.
  • Another attraction to enjoy is the Byody-In Temple, located at the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. Built in the Sixties, this temple celebrates the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first immigrant Japanese who worked the sugar plantation fields. It features a large statue of Buddha. The temple is a replica of the Byodo-In Temple in Japan that is 950 years old.
  • How Kaneohe got its name is an interesting story, based on Hawaiian legend. Supposedly, there was a woman in the area whose husband was unusually cruel. She described his cruelty as being similar to the sharp edge of cutting bamboo. In the language of Hawaii, the word kaneohe means “bamboo man” and the name stuck.

About Real Estate in Kaneohe

Previously a rural farm community, Kaneohe has grown into a developed neighborhood with many luxury homes and condos that feature gorgeous views of the ocean and mountains. Property types range from single-family homes to townhouses and condos. Some neighborhoods are nestled up against the lush and verdant Ko’olau Mountains.