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Kihei MAUI

Median Income$78,679
Median Home Value$1,817,000
Median Rent$4,150

About Schools in Kihei

  • For elementary kids, there is Kihei Elementary, Kamalli Elementary, Kihei Charter School, and Montessori Hale O Keiki.
  • High schoolers can attend the brand new Kihei High School, opening in 2022, or Kihei Charter School.
  • By the way, Kihei High School, with its brand new 70-acre campus, will the be the first new-zero energy school in the state, so it will produce as much or more energy than it uses.
  • High schoolers can also attend Kahuahana Christian School.

About Shopping in Kihei

  • There are three places to get groceries in Kihei, Maui Fresh, ABC Store and Foodland. All three are within walking distance from each other on South Kihei Road.
  • Kihei also has regular department stores like Target, Safeway and Walmart and tons of boutique shops selling handcrafted items.

Kihei | Extras

  • Kihei holds a town party every fourth Friday of the month. It’s an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the community and a chance to enjoy live music, dancing, eating and other fun activities
  • Home to the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, Kihei is a great place to spot the vast mammals out on the ocean.
  • Almost all Kihei beaches allow for wonderful swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. Kamaole Beach Parks I, II, & III all have lifeguard towers, restroom facilities, barbecue, volleyball courts, snorkeling, and excellent swimming.
  • Nightlife here includes karaoke spots, dance clubs and sports bars, ensuring Kihei nights are just as fun as its days.
  • For those who love to swim, there is Kihei Aquatic Centre, open to all ages.
  • The word kihei in Hawaiian means cape, blanket or shawl.

About Real Estate in Kihei