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Median Income$76,509
Median Home Value$1,047,000
Median Rent1,432

About Schools in Kula

  • Kula has three elementary schools: Pu’unene Elementary School, Kula Country Public Charter School (PK-12), and Polihua/Kealakehe Elementary School.
  • Middle schools in Kula include Kona Hawaii Academy for Exceptional Children (PK-9) and Samuel M. Kamakau Memorial.
  • High schoolers attend Kahului District; Intermediate (grades 7 & 8); Junior high school (grades 9 & 10); and Sophomore high school (grades 11 & 12).
  • Students can also attend private or charter schools. Private schools include Kahana Christian Academy (Grades PK to 12) and Castle Foundation Charter High School.

About Shopping in Kula

  • Groceries can be purchased at Morihara Store or at the Foodland in nearby Kihei.
  • The Kula Marketplace is known for its eclectic collection of art and culinary treats, from homemade jams to the finest pastries and chocolate to hand-thrown pottery.

Kula | Extras

  • The word Kula means “open country” or “open meadows” which accurately describes the area’s rolling hills and pastures where sugarcane grows wild and locals raise cattle and goats.
  • Outstanding gourmet goat cheese is produced at the award-winning Surfing Goat Dairy, which offers highly enjoyable, interactive tours, including one that allows guests to milk the goats and put them to bed for the night.
  • Kula’s Botanical Garden encompasses eight acres of colorful and unique plants. It also includes amazing rock formations, a covered bridge, waterfalls, a koi pond, an aviary, and is a popular place to host weddings. The garden also grows and sells fragrant Monterey Pine Christmas Trees.
  • Just nine miles south of Kula is Maui’s only wine producer, Tedeschi Vineyards, known for specialty wines made from pineapple, passion fruit and raspberries.
  • O’o Farm is a working farm, where you can take a tour, pick your own vegetables, and then eat a gourmet lunch from the vegetables that you picked.
  • Kula is also known for Ocean® Organic Vodka, where local makers cultivate and distill more than 30 species of sugar cane.

About Real Estate in Kula