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Lahaina MAUI

The focal point of Lahaina is Front Street, which as been ranked one of the “Top Ten Greatest Streets”, and the surrounding blocks where numerous restaurants, ice cream parlors, pizza places, beer joints, and souvenir shops are located. Lahaina Harbor is an attraction in itself. Vessels of all kinds depart daily for snorkeling off the coast, dinner cruises, and whale watching. Lahaina also is home to one of only three movie theaters, Wharf Cinema Center, across from Banyan Park.

Median Income$78,679
Median Home Value$1,817,000
Median Rent$4,150

About Schools in Lahaina

There are a number of schools in and around Lahaina:

  • Lahainaluna High School
  • Lahainaluna Middle School
  • Iao Intermediate School
  • Lokelani Intermediate School
  • Manaolio Baptists Academy is one of few schools on Maui that caters specifically to bilingual learners. The school combines traditional language arts and math education with Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian language instruction.

About Shopping in Lahaina

Lahaina features the most art galleries on the island. Shopping in this modest seaside town is always easy and fun, and the art galleries and high-end boutiques along Front Street are plentiful. For groceries there’s two particularly good places to shop: Whole Foods Market and Down to Earth Natural Foods Market.

Lahaina | Extras

  • In Lahaina, nearby mountains have beautiful valleys that provide a beautiful backdrop for the five o’clock rainbow that happens almost every day.
  • In the Hawaiian language the name Lahaina means “cruel sun”, which refers to the sunny dry climate. But actually the weather is divine. Lahaina averages only thirteen inches of rain per year, much of which occurs in winter.
  • Approximately 55 acres of old Lahaina have been set aside as historic districts. Interesting places to visit are the U.S. Seamen’s Hospital, Hale Paahao (Lahaina Prison), Pioneer Inn, and other sites on the Lahaina Historic Trail.
  • The well-known and loved Fleetwood’s, owned by Mick Fleetwood of the famous rock group, Fleetwood Mac, is a favorite place to dine and watch the sun set from its large, second story deck.
  • The biggest holiday on Maui is Halloween, and each year Lahaina hosts one of the biggest Halloween parties in Hawaii. During the event, Front Street closes to traffic to allow a sea of costumed residents and visitors to strut the street and participate in many different events throughout the night.
  • If you like golf, Lahaina is your town. There are five golf courses in Lahaina, and there are another nine golf courses within twenty miles.
  • Each November, Lahaina hosts the Maui Invitational, one of the top early-season tournaments in college basketball. The event is is held in the Lahaina Civic Center.
  • The Lahaina Aquatic Center hosts swim meets and water polo.
  • Lahaina also hosts the finish of the Vic-Maui Yacht Race (held every two years), which starts in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • The Banyan Court Park features the largest Banyan tree in the United States, planted on April 24, 1873 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Christian missionaries.

About Real Estate in Lahaina