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Pupukea OAHU

Located in the eastern portion of the island on the North Shore, this small town anchors what is called the Seven Mile Miracle, a stretch of coastline that delivers some of the finest waves and barrels for expert surfers in winter. For that reason, surfers from all over the world come to surf famous waves, like Banzai Pipeline. Pupukea gets three times the amount of rain per year as Honolulu receives; it rains on average 247 days a year.

The picture-perfect surfer’s dream is a reef break, situated off Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea.

Median Income$99,265
Median Home Value$1,178,500
Median Rent$1,870

About Schools in Pupukea

Pupukea offers five public schools rated good and higher by GreatSchools. St. Theresa Catholic School has a campus in nearby Makaha, and the University of Hawaii-West Oahu is in Kapolei, which is just to the south of Makaha and east of Waianae.

About Shopping in Pupukea

Pupukea is home to a large grocery store, Foodland, which serves several other towns. As Fodor’s Travel write about the store: “You’re likely to rub elbows with seasoned professional surfers and visiting celebrities, along with slipper-clad locals.” There is not much else in the way of shopping, but there is a fitness club, a yoga studio and art studio, several churches, and there is a Starbucks right across the street from Foodland.

About Real Estate in Pupukea

Pupukea was once mostly inaccessible without the use of a boat, and so, was not developed as much as other areas of Oahu. Recently developments have been increasing. Many homes sit on or near famous beaches, like Sunset, Pipeline, and Sharks Cove. When the properties were created in the fifties and sixties, they were classified as “country” and lots were measured at a minimum of one acres, so lots are quite large. You won’t find any high-rise apartments, condos or resorts.

Some properties are in the uplands with views out at the ocean, and one particular community, Sunset Hills, is especially lovely with its utilities placed underground. Most homes were built within the last thirty years, and quite a few include pools, gated entrances and lanais. 

Homes are priced higher than other communities on Oahu, but the trade off is a lack of traffic noise and the peace and tranquility from living on larger lots. Another great aspect is that locals have bought lands that one were targeted for development in order to preserve the beauty of Pupukea.